Moelleux au Chocolat with Caramelized Almonds and Fleur de Sel


As on most grey days in Paris, a deep internal conflict was taking up most of my energy. I looked up from my book and watched the raindrops pile up on the living room window of our apartment. Swelling and colliding with each other, they grew unsustainably large before rolling down the pane of glass and dropping to the slick, grey streets below.

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Almond Cake with Cherry Compote and Vanilla Bean Frosting


Parisians flee the city in late July and early August. The change is striking in our neighborhood, where the natives are never replaced by the selfie-sticked summer tourists perpetually gathering around I.M. Pei’s pyramids and filling the narrow streets of the Marais. With few remaining locals and even fewer tourists to serve, local bakers, butchers and restaurant proprietors have joined their fellow Parisians on the beaches of Corsica and Provence. But I’m still here with a bowl of the most beautiful cherries of the season in my lap.

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Raspberry Hazelnut Dacquoise


Sometimes I walk around Paris with cake. But I prefer to take it on the metro. Unwieldy plastic cake box in hand, the strangers of this city’s public transportation system relinquish a tiny portion of their private space to me. Though they tend to ignore soon-to-be mothers or cane-wielding grandpas, Parisians respect the rights of a dessert to reach its destination unharmed. This luxury comes at a price.

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